2020 Elections Update

We have updated our elections page information to reflect all the candidates that have filed to be on your ballot here in Fishers for 2020. All of these great candidates will need our help! We will be updating this page with more information on how you can help get involved this year with all the campaigns. If you have not yet added your email to our mailing list, please do so on the home page.

This is going to be a great year for campaigning up and down the ticket. So much is at stake on the national and state levels. The easiest way to make your vote carry more weight is volunteering for the candidates you support. There is no shortage of opportunities and we can help you find the right fit. If you are here in Fishers, wondering if you can change the course of this country, you can! Come join us, blow off some steam at our next club meeting and get ready to work for those who can truly lead us!


Welcome to the new Fishers Democratic Club! You are in good company.

This organization joins Democrats across Fishers to work together and make a positive impact in our city. As one of the first Democrats elected in Fishers, I’m excited to see the energy and camaraderie that continues to grow in our local party.  

Democrats live in every corner of our city and represent different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences. We are now unifying to encourage each other take action and serve the city we all call home.

Now’s the time to jump in! I can’t wait to work alongside you. Together we can help make Fishers a better place to live, work and play.

-Jocelyn Vare

Fishers City Council, At-Large